Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Won't the jewellery be damaged in the wax?
A. No. We carefully wrap each piece in heatproof plastic and finish off in foil to protect it. As all of our treasures are GENUINE gemstones set in precious metals, they wont melt or damage in the heat.

Q. How long does it take for my Bounty to appear?
A. Each candle is different, and your jewellery can appear at any point, so keep an eye out! As a general rule of thumb, the candle will need to be burned for a minimum of 10 hours before the Bounty will appear.

Q. How will I know what my jewellery is made of?
A. Each piece has a unique code attached to it. Once found, simply type your code into the search box located on the "What's My Bounty?" section of the website and it will confirm your piece of jewellery! 

Q. How will I know how much my jewellery is worth?
A. We include the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) in the "What's my Bounty?" description to give you an idea of the worth of your jewellery. We also recommend having your jewellery independently appraised at your local jeweller - we know you will be pleasantly surprised!

Q. What types of things will I find in my Bounty Candle?
A. Each candle contains 1 piece of jewellery, either a ring, pendant or set of earrings, unless you choose the 'No Bounty' option. EVERY piece of jewellery will be GENUINE gemstone set in either Sterling Silver or Gold.

Q. How much does a Bounty Candle cost?
A. £40 (or £22 for the 'No Bounty' option)

Q. How big is my candle?
A. Each candle contains 550grams of Soy Wax and measures approx 20oz.

Q. Can I choose what I get inside my candle?
A. You can now choose which type of jewellery you will receive inside your Bounty Candle! The choices are a pendant, set of earrings or a ring in your choice of size. The gemstone and design is intended to be a SURPRISE! And that's half the fun :)

Q. Why Soy Wax?
A. We only use 100% soy wax in our candles for many reasons. Soy wax is a vegetable wax which means it is a renewable source. It is eco-friendly and burns much slower than other waxes which means your Bounty Candle will last much longer. It is believed that candles made from soy wax emit less chemicals than paraffin and is therefore better for your health and the environment. Soy wax also melts at a much lower temperature than paraffin wax which means there is a much lower risk of injury or damage should the melted wax come into contact with skin or furniture.

Q. I've noticed my candle has some surface inpurities or inconsistencies on the top and/or sides. Is this normal?
A. Yep! Surface imperfections, or "frosting" as it is commonly named, is a completely normal characteristic of soy wax. It is completely aesthetic and will not affect the burn or smell of your Bounty Candle in any way. Some companies claiming to use soy wax products actually use a paraffin/soy blend to stop these imperfections. However, We don't believe in this. That's why when we say we use soy wax, we ONLY use 100% Soy wax.

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