Product Price Increases 2017

It’s with deep regret that as of Monday 23rd January, we’ll be introducing a price increase across some of our products.

This is a situation that no business wants to face and one that we will never take lightly. It’s one that I’ve been putting off for months but unfortunately, we just cannot continue as we are and I wanted to take a few minutes to explain the reasons for the upcoming price changes.

Like many businesses, we face normal price increases due to inflation but have not changed our prices despite this for almost two years. However, since June 2016 the cost of many of our materials have increased substantially due to the very big drop in the GBP. Although we do use UK suppliers where we can, the origin of many of our materials still come from outside the UK and therefore our suppliers were forced to raise their prices to compensate for this. This has had a huge effect on our profit margins and although 2016 saw our highest intake of sales and turnover since we launched in 2013, it also saw a drop in overall profit because of the rise in our costs.

As the owner of Bounty Candles, I am now faced with two options; use cheaper materials and offer lower-quality products, or continue providing the high quality products we’ve spent over three years developing, but introduce a price increase.

I would like to stress that this isn’t about greed, it’s simply that we are not making enough money to keep going as we are. In the future I’d like to expand our products, create more jobs and really grow Bounty Candles to the business I know it can be. But we simply just cannot achieve any of this without introducing the price increases.

I’m aware that since we launched in 2013, other companies have popped up on the market that offer similar products to us, but it’s important to stress that the quality of materials used in our candles and melts are of the highest available. We do not use cheap, mass manufactured jewellery which contain glass stones and nickel – we use 100% REAL gemstones; these are gemstones that have taken millions of years for Mother Nature to form and which then have to be painstakingly mined out of the ground. These are not stones that are man-made in a lab on a huge scale. Our jewellery is also only ever set into SOLID Sterling Silver or Gold – We’ll never use brass, nickel or other cheap base metals. We also do not mix our soy wax with any kind of bulking material such as paraffin, which some other candle companies do. We only use 100% soy wax!

So, down to the nitty gritty details; from Monday 23rd January, the price of a Bounty Candle will rise by 15% to £40. The price of our Bounty Melts will increase by 10% to £22. Our wax burners and other accessories will remain unchanged.

I hope that you all understand the predicament that we face with this and I understand that it’s definitely not an ideal situation for many of our customers. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all of your continued support and we look forward to what 2017 has to offer!

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  1. rosie - 17th January 2017 @ 9:30 pm

    These candles are amazing and still much more affordable than many of the mass produced candles you see on the high street, even though they contain a piece of genuine gemstone jewellery in each one! To be honest I think we’ve been getting too good a deal for a long time…your candles are worth double what you’re asking even after the increase!! #supportsmallbusiness #homegrown

    • bountyLaura - 2nd February 2017 @ 11:42 am

      Hi Rosie, thank you so much for your lovely comments! We appreciate your support 🙂

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