October Birthstone: Opal

Known for its luminescent, almost other-worldly radiance and containing a kaleidoscope of colours, the opal is largely a product of Australia, where it is mined underground in the red-dirt outback of Coober Pedy. As well as Australia, opals are found in countries including Mexico, Peru, Ethiopia and the Czech Republic.

Made up from tiny spheres of transparent hard silica, the opal is one of the softer gemstones allowing it to be carved and shaped into beautiful creations. Spiritually, the opal also has a strong meaning – it is said to enrich memory, aid in focus and also to enhance fidelity and gentleness in love. Those who turn to crystal healing use the opal to treat depression, promote inner growth, and to ease the grief caused by loss.

Historicaopal-757153_1920lly, the opal has been loved and feared; it is mentioned by philosophers as early as 79 AD; considered by the Greeks to be the tears of Zeus, Indian mythology to be part of the Goddess of Rainbows, and Arabic lore to be the lasting remnants of lightning strikes.
In addition to being a birthstone to the month of October (along with the beautiful Tourmaline), the opal is also traditionally given as a gift to celebrate a 14th wedding anniversary.

Whether you’re an October baby or just adore opals, we’re sure you’ll love discovering a piece of GENUINE opal jewellery inside your Bounty Candle or Bounty Melt this month!

Below are some pieces that can be discovered this month:

Remember, you won’t find any synthetic or fake gemstones inside our candles <3

Are you an October baby? Do you love Opals? Let us know in the comments below!

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