April Birthstone: Diamond

Famously strong and representing the ultimate declaration of love, the diamond has become a symbol of glamour, prosperity and success.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are a modern tradition after De Beers launched its campaign slogan, "A Diamond is Forever", in 1947.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are a modern day tradition after De Beers launched its campaign slogan, “A Diamond is Forever”, in 1947.

Despite this, the girl’s best friend has longer been associated with deeper spiritual and medicinal meanings. Gaining popularity in the 15th Century, diamonds were considered in the Middle Ages to be helpful in treating disorders of the pituitary, while crystal healers believe the ‘King of Gemstones’ can improve balance and endurance.

Originally mined in India, diamond deposits are now found in South Africa,

Diamonds can be found in all different hues

Diamonds can be found in all different colours including pink, red and green

Borneo, Venezuela, Russia and China, and this most precious of gemstones is still the most valuable stone in the world. Although a diamond ring given as a gift of engagement is a relatively modern concept, this sparkling gemstone in its hues of white, pink, yellow and more has always been symbolic of dedication, friendship, everlasting love and loyalty. For this reason, diamonds are also given on a 60th wedding anniversary (or ‘Diamond Jubilee’).

One of history’s most ardent diamond fans was King Louis IV of France, who decreed that no woman but the Virgin Mary was worthy of wearing a sparkling diamond. History’s women, however, have not agreed, and famous historical figures such as Queen Victoria, Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Marie Jose of Italy and the ill-fated Marie Antoinette all having sported famous diamond jewellery.

Marie-Antoinette and her famous diamond Necklace

Marie Antoinette and her famous diamond necklace which is worth an estimated $3.7 million

If you’re lucky enough to be April-born, don’t forget to put your birthstone on your birthday list!

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